Our Mission

The 8ups For Success In Life

Show Up

We are committed to corporate worship on Sundays. As members we prepare and plan for participation in the worship services regularly. As a courtesy we inform the church office of our scheduled absences or in an emergency a care leader or pastor is called.

Sign Up

We are committed to serve the church family and community by being involved in ministry activities. As members we serve in some general service roster and grow into an area that matches our unique gifting.

Link Up

We are committed to developing healthy relationships with other people for nurture and community. As members we will intentionally participate in a small groups during the year.

Grow Up

We are committed to making faithful and fruitful Disciples of Christ. As members we participate at some point during the year in the discipleship and leadership training process of Life.

Pay Up

We are committed to honor Christ with tithes and offerings. As members we honor God and support the ministry of the church by regularly giving from our heart cheerfully.

Live Up

We are committed to represent Christ by maintaining a good reputation in the community. As members, we are ambassadors of Christ first and also of our Church. We therefore practice and promote the moral standards of Christ’s love and articulate the mission and ministry of the church.

Re Up

We are committed to active membership. Each anniversary of the Life Church, we will have the opportunity to renew our commitments for another year of active participation in the purposes of the church.

Speak Up

We are committed to the proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, for we are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.