What is Life School of Supernatural Ministry (LSSM)?
What is Life School of Supernatural Ministry (LSSM)?

LSSM is a Kingdom Training School, where students will KNOW and EMBRACE the Love of Our Heavenly Father, OPERATE in the Authority of Jesus Christ and LIVE OUT a life transformed by the Power of Holy Spirit.



Know and embrace who(se) you are


Know why you are here


Know where you are going


Know the impact of your life

Why Life School of Ministry

LSSM is for Your Personal Transformation:
- Discover your identity in Christ
- Develop a deeper intimacy with God and other believers
- Learn and live out the Biblical
- Kingdom Values
- Learn to walk in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit
- Learn to study and love scripture
Get equipped in ministry training, revival groups and small groups

What Can you expect?

Faith In Action 

LSSM is a one year of school consisting of online studies, independent reading and reflection, weekly in-class activation and impartation, community outreach and ministry. You must be ready and willing to invest time and energy to learning and walking in the calling God has on your life.

LSSM is established under the Gospel belief of Mark 3:14-15 “He appointed twelve that they might be with Him ad that He might send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons.” The school offers a course of instruction for those desiring to grow deeper in their relationship with God thereby developing an identity and intimacy with Christ. LSSM will equip and activate believers to work and live out the calling God has on their life. Upon completion of LSSM, believers will be able to operate with confidence in the supernatural authority sanctioned by God.

LSSM is for you!

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Ways to access your BSSM Page

Our Teachers
Our Teachers

These remarkable mentors guide their students on a transformative journey of self-discovery, helping them uncover their true identity in Christ. With deep insight and wisdom, they impart a profound understanding of the authority bestowed upon us by God and how to wield it for the advancement of His Kingdom. Through their guidance and mentorship, students are equipped to walk boldly in their divine purpose and make a lasting impact in the world. These mentors embody a passion for empowering others to embrace their God-given potential and live a life filled with purpose and significance.

Pastor Therese Noah
Pastor Therese Noah

Pastor Therese Noah passionately oversees the Life School of Supernatural Ministry, where she mentors students to discover their unique gifts and empowers them to live lives that positively impact others. With expertise in prophetic training, emotional and physical healing ministry, as well as deliverance ministry, she specializes in guiding second-year students through transformative experiences. Through the Life School of Supernatural Ministry, Pastor Therese empowers students to live out the principles of Isaiah 61:1, both in their personal lives and in the lives of those they encounter. Her dedication and commitment inspire students to unlock their full potential and bring about powerful transformations.



How much is tuition?

1st year tuition $1200 (-15% discount if paid in full by sept 1st, 2023)

2nd year tuition $900

3rd year tuition $900

What is class time and location?

Classes are in person at Life church on Wednesday evenings.  Class starts at 6:30pm and finish at 8:30pm.   

Is there any homework or assignments?

You will have weekly videos to watch and homework activities to complete.  

What opportunities are there to minister outside of class?

We have outreach through Deeper Life services at Life church, which are held every month on the 1st Friday.  Healing rooms and deliverance sessions. 

Fairgrounds and church outreach events including encounter weekends, students are to attend and/or minister at these events.

What are the differences between First, Second and Third Year?
  • First Year is about knowing your identity, who you are and whose you are.
  • Second Year is learning how to operate in the authority of Jesus Christ to set captives free and minister emotional and physical healing as well as operating in the prophetic.
  • Third Year is about putting into action your leadership skills and gifts.
Do you have to finish all 3 years?

No, you will graduate at the end of each school year so you are able to attend one, two or three years.

What is the minimum and maximum age for LSSM?

Our minimum age for LSSM is 18 years old. Exceptions are made periodically. There is no maximum age!


If I get accepted but then decide not to come, can my application be forwarded to next year?

Your application is non transferable to a different school year.  You must reapply.

When is the application deadline?

All applications must be submitted by the first of August every year.

Do you give out the book list ahead of time?

No, the book list changes yearly and, therefore, is not provided prior to the start of the school year.

When is the graduation date?

Graduation dates will be announced and handed out with school schedule on first day of school.

Where can I find a calendar for this school year?

Calendar of all classes and breaks for the school year will be given on the first day of school. This school year will start on August 23rd, 2023 and end on June 9th, 2024.

Can I sit in on a class?

Yes, you can! Please email us at lssm@vvlifechurch.com and we will schedule your visit. 

Is child care available during school?

No, there is no child care during school hours.

 Is there a Mission Trip and is it mandatory?

We anticipate mission trips for this school year 2023-2024.  The cost of your mission trip is not included in your tuition.  We will release information as it becomes available.  This is a wonderful opportunity to grow as you serve and are activated in the things you have learned.  

Mission trips are not required.

Do you provide financial aid?

We do not offer financial aid or scholarships.  LSSM is not an accredited university.

What is tuition cost?
How do I pay the deposit?

You can pay your deposit for school online to Life Church through zelle or push pay ( include in memo LSSM tuition and send confirmation by email to Lssmpayment@vvlifechurch.com or you can pay by check or cash.  Mail all checks or drop cash to:

Life Church
12199 Industrial Blvd, Victorville, CA 92395


If I get accepted, but then decide not to come, can my application fee and deposit be forwarded to next year?

Application fees and deposits are NOT refundable nor are they transferable.  


What does tuition cover?
    • Online Studies
    • Class instruction and teaching, activation and impartation.
    • Encounter Retreat (at church encounter weekends)
    • Graduation Ceremony
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Mentorship
Do you require transcripts?


Do you require TOEFL or any other English Proficiency testing?

No, but you will need to pass a verbal interview and be able to fluently read, write and comprehend English.

Do I need to know how to operate a computer?

Yes, you need basic computer knowledge on how to access websites and listen to videos and answer online questions.

Can I miss classes and still graduate?

Only 2 “excused absences” are permitted per term.  Your attendance and participation is crucial to your growth.